Some victims of stalking choose to share their story on social media platforms, with journalists or at informational events to spread knowledge about what stalking is and how it affects people. To hear a personal story often moves people much more than facts.

Danish Stalking Centre is frequently contacted by journalists who wish to talk to victims in preparation for a radio or television program, an article or something else. Therefore, we have now created a list of stalking victims who want to share their personal stories and who we can quickly and easily contact if we are to give a talk or a journalist wants contact with a victim. It is completely up to you wether to share your story anonymously or to have your name mentioned. Naturally, Danish Stalking Centre keeps the list safe and confidential.

Would you like to share your personal story? Then write a short email to our colleague, Tina, at In the mail, please inform us of your phone number.

Our colleague will then contact you to make an appointment for a telephone call, where you will be asked about your history, your motivations for going public with your story and what thoughts you have given to what it might mean for you to come forward with your story. After the interview, you will be sent a form where you will be asked for specific information and a brief description of your stalking course. We will then register your story safely in our system.

Subsequently, we will contact you if we have a task for you. Always feel free to say no.