Everyone can be exposed to stalking, and that is why it is important to know how to deal with the stalker.

Hopefully, this will end the stalking before it evolves.

First, you must say NO. Even if it is not easy, say NO and stand your ground.

Avoid entering into a dialogue with the stalker.

Everything else than a clear ‘no’ will be construed as an opening by the stalker. This will lead the stalker to believe that he/she just need to put an extra effort into his/her attempts of contacting you until you say ‘yes’.

The stalker will do anything to get in contact with you. Perhaps even threaten suicide. You need to be strong and keep ignoring him/her.

Do not try to convince your stalker that it is for the best if he/she leaves you alone. By negotiating with a stalker who makes you feel uncomfortable or gives you a guilty conscience, his/her expectations and hope for more contact ignite.

Help ending the stalking by:

  • Avoiding explaining why you do not want contact
  • Avoiding eye contacts if he/she suddenly appears on the street or across from your home
  • Avoiding showing that you notice him/her
  • Avoiding talking and reacting to the stalker
  • Avoiding answering any approaches from the stalker, however hard it may be. Ignore it all; even getting yelled at in the street, receiving perverted emails or text messages