Stalking means contacting another person who does not want this contact repeatedly. It can be everything from sending them a text message to threatening them on their life. We call it stalking when your attempts of contact and actions concerning the other are unwanted, repeated and continuous, and when it seems disruptive and frightening to the other.

Is it difficult for you to accept that your ex wants to end the relationship? Has he or she called you a stalker, or do you sense that you are causing a climate of insecurity? Perhaps, you have children together, and you feel unjustly treated by your ex-partner regarding the breakup. Does it make you sad to see your children uneasy and scared of you?

Stalking occurs in other types of relations as well. Perhaps, you feel rejected by a friend, overlooked by a colleague, etc. Perhaps, you feel that something once a conflict has developed into some kind of obsession for you. Perhaps, you feel attracted to someone you do not even know, and whom you cannot forget. You may need help letting go, so it will not occupy you as much.

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