Free help to all victims of stalking with the new app ‘Skytsengel’, which seeks to provide victims with a sense of security and reassurance. With the app, the victim can activate people in his or her own network. Thus, the consequences of not knowing if the stalker stands on the next street corner can be reduced.

To be exposed to stalking means to live in constant alertness, because you never know where and if the stalker strikes again. Danish Stalking Centre launched the new app at the same time as the opening of the centre. This app will seek to end the victims’ constant anxiety by creating a safer environment and helping them maintaining their freedom of movement. With this app, the victims get the opportunity to involve relatives or friends who can help them obtain a safer everyday life. At the same time, the app can be used for gathering documentation and evidence for the stalking.

At, you can get more information on how to use the app. Here, you can also find a link for downloading the app.

Skytsengel is developed in cooperation with: