Instruction and training

As a volunteer in Danish Stalking Centre, you will receive proper instruction through a course of training that will prepare you for your specific volunteer position.

As a volunteer counsellor, you will go through a standard course of training, where you will listen to the experienced counsellors’ calls and start taking a few calls yourself under supervision. The training will take place during our counselling opening hours Monday and Thursday night from 5pm to 8pm, and it will include a thorough introduction to the concept of stalking.

As a volunteer in the communication and event group, you will receive a thorough introduction to the concept of stalking as well. Furthermore, the communication and event group will hold relevant, themed seminars regularly.

Two times a year, we have training seminars for all our volunteers. Every seminar lasts a weekend and entails professional talks by relevant speakers with different approaches to stalking and counselling, guidance and support. They could be police officers, psychologists, researchers or legal advisers. At the training seminars, we eat together and enjoy ourselves, and there is plenty of opportunity for meeting other volunteers of the centre.

In Danish Stalking Centre, we also work at arranging courses and such, which can expand the knowledge of our volunteers and employees and can help develop our competencies.