Danish Anti-Stalking Association has opened the first specialised knowledge, counselling and treatment centre supported by the OAK Foundation Denmark. The new centre, Danish Stalking Centre, will meet the increasing demand for treatment and counselling from victims of stalking and professionals who work within the area of stalking. The intervention centre offers psychosocial counselling and psychological treatment of stalking victims. The treatment consists in both individual and group therapy. Furthermore, the intervention centre offers counselling and guidance for relatives of victims, people in their social network and professionals. In some cases, the centre will offer treatment of stalkers as well.

The knowledge centre gathers information on stalking and develops new projects. Through public information campaigns, this department provides the public with knowledge about stalking, holds lectures and teaches professional groups who meet victims of stalking through their line of work. The knowledge centre works to ensure a continuous qualification and development of the psychosocial counselling and treatment through documentation, project and method development. Among others, the knowledge centre cooperate with the University of Southern Denmark, the University of Copenhagen, local police districts and the National Centre for Prevention.

Furthermore, Danish Stalking Centre has initiated the establishment of a professional network for knowledge sharing about stalking.

Are you interested in learning more about stalking?

Write us, or call for information about the possibilities for booking a lecture for your company, organisation, group of volunteers, etc. at kontakt@danskstalkingcenter.dk or +45 60567374.