The organisation was established in April 2010 under the name Danish Anti-Stalking Association and, at the same time, the anonymous anti-stalking counselling service opened as the first and only initiative in the North against stalking.

The organisation’s objective is to improve the conditions for victims of stalking and to gather and disseminate knowledge about stalking in addition to helping and supporting the victims and their social network, including children of victims. Furthermore, the organisation works to develop new stalking preventive models of intervention in cooperation with different professional groups, sectors and authorities.

As of 1 June 2015, Danish Anti-Stalking Association has opened the first northern intervention and knowledge centre against stalking, Danish Stalking Centre. Hereinafter, the organisation as well is called Danish Stalking Centre. You can find more information here.

Through the objective of qualifying the shared efforts in helping victims of stalking, the organisation has developed a solid working relationship with the Danish police, both locally and in the National Centre of Crime Prevention under the Danish National Police.

Furthermore, the organisation cooperates with:
  • Dialog mod Vold (works to stop violence in intimate relationships – such as violence exerted against partners or children in the family)
  • Danner (a private organisation working nationally and internationally to stop violence against women and children)
  • The National Council for the Unmarried Mother and Her Child
  • Q-net under the Red Cross Denmark
  • Victim Support Denmark
  • The men’s shelters
  • LOKK (National organisation of women’s shelters in Denmark)
  • The Social Legal Aid.
Other activities:
  • Member of the National Observatory on Violence Against Women since 2011.
  • Participates as speaker (Lise Linn Larsen) at seminars and conferences such as Nordic Women against Violence 2012, national conferences in LOKK, and the gender equality conference Nordic Forum in Malmö 2014.
  • Member of the expert monitoring group within the National Institute for Public Health and the University of Southern Denmark concerning the qualitative interview survey ’Med barnet som gidsel – stalking af mødre’ (2013, In English: ‘With the child as hostage – stalking of mothers’).
  • Principal organizer of the new Nordic Network for Stalking with participation by Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Faroe Islands.