Danish Stalking Centre’s objectives

The objectives of the organisation is to establish, develop and run a national, specialised knowledge, counselling and treatment centre for victims of stalking.

The centre is aimed at victims and their network and at the professional networks working with any aspect of stalking.

Danish Stalking Centre wish:

  • To offer help and support to victims of stalking and their network (including their children).
  • To offer guidance to professionals working with any aspect of stalking.
  • To develop methods of intervention concerning victims of stalking, and to develop models of prevention and cooperation across NGOs and sectors regarding stalking.
  • To gather new information and knowledge about stalking.
  • To disseminate knowledge about stalking.
  • That the organisation mobilises the economic basis for the activities of the stalking centre according to the purpose, through public funding, private contributions, funds, donations such as succession, and financial support from companies, institutions, etc. such as sponsoring.
  • That the organisation mobilises its funds for its activities through remuneration for the services offered by the stalking centre.

The centre can promote its activities according to the purpose by use of volunteers, where anyone who wish to promote the purpose of the centre can work for free after a written agreement based on the centre’s determined guidelines.