Relatives and friends who are close to the victim often become implicated.

In many cases, relatives or friends of the victim are contacted by the stalker and become directly implicated. Sometimes it is because the stalker wants to tell them the “truth” about the victim. Other times, the stalker wants to use them as a “messenger” to send romantic or threatening letters and emails to the victim. Then there are the times, where a relative/friend is used as a target of threat as part of the stalking. It is crucial that as a relative/friend you show the victim support and help by protecting him/her, regardless if he/she is your friend, colleague, sister/brother, cousin, etc.

Family and friends who often act as a shield and as protection of the victim can attract the attention of a stalker. The stalker may see them as people who “brainwash” and turn the victim against him/her. It is important that as a relative/friend you ignore the stalker and make sure not to give the stalker any information about the victim.

It is important to save all emails, letters, etc. as evidence. As a relative/friend, you can arrange with the victim if you shall pass the material on to him/her or if you shall give it directly to the police to spare him/her.

If you feel affected by the situation, contact our counselling service. If you at any time feel threatened, contact the police!

If you have the energy, the best help you can give is:
  • To listen and acknowledge what you hear is happening
  • To offer practical help such as collecting documentation, picking up kids, do grocery shopping, etc.
  • To offer help finding counselling, a shelter, a lawyer, taking precautionary measures, etc.
  • To accompany the victim as an observer when needed
  • To acknowledge the reactions of the victim as a sign of an extremely high stress level and/or traumatisation