“I am being stalked – how do I make it stop?”

“Now he is contacting my workplace as well – what do I do?”

“How do I protect myself?”

“I am scared and lonely – nobody understands my situation”

“My friend is being stalked – what can I do to help her?”

Do you recognise some of these questions and worries, or are you familiar with some of the descriptions here on the website? Then contact Danish Stalking Centre’s counselling service. There are many degrees of stalking, but nobody should accept any type of harassment, monitoring or being terrified and perhaps threatened.

Our counselling service is for:
  • Victims of stalking who need everything from concrete legal advice to a conversation with one of our therapists
  • Friends or family who want to know how they best can help or how to handle the situation themselves
  • Professionals who work with victims of stalking and need more information in order to provide the right kind of help
It is better to contact us one time too many!

Our counseling service consists of qualified, volunteer counsellors who have a background in psychology, law, social work or the like. We train all of our volunteers in counselling and keep them updated on new knowledge within the area of stalking.

Note that the counselling service may be busy, therefore we recommend that you book a time slot via our online booking service.

It is possible to request counselling in english.

Note! We would like to point out that other counsellors in connection with the continued development and qualification of the counselling service may listen in on some telephone calls.