Some organisations have set up funds targeted at people with low incomes. Below, there is a list of relevant funds for victims of stalking whose economy the stalking process has drained. Danish Stalking Centre does not have anything to do with the funds, and, unfortunately, the centre is not able to offer financial support or help with the application procedure. Remember to read the criteria for every fund, because often you need to meet specific demands in order to receive financial support.

The National Council for the Unmarried Mother and Her Child

The National Council for the Unmarried Mother and Her Child (NCUMHC) offers support and social, legal and financial counselling for pregnant women and families with children. Furthermore, they offer help during Christmas for low-income families.

The NCUMHC donates 400 Danish Kroners per child for Christmas presents, and, in addition to this, the family gets 300 Danish Kroners for food plus 100 Danish Kroners for every extra child. This means that a family with two children get (400 + 400 + 300 +100) 1,200 Danish Kroners.


  • The family must have a low disposable income. Typically, the family must have at its disposal 2,000 – 3,000 Danish Kroners per month.
  • Applicants must have children under the age of 18 living at home.
  • Applicants must have been involved in a special incident this year, which makes everyday life and the economy difficult to cope with.

For more information on the NCUMHC’s Christmas help, visit their website


Danish People’s Aid                                                                                                                          

Danish People’s Aid is a national, voluntary, humanitarian organisation, which offers help during Christmas and for holidays for low-income families.

Christmas aid
All who receive Christmas aid are applicants recommended by the social services in their municipality. Every family gets a package at a value of 1,500 Danish Kroners, consisting of colonial goods and a gift certificate to a sporting goods shop and a gift certificate to a toy store.

Read more about Danish People’s Aid and their Christmas aid here

Holiday aid
Once again, families must apply for help through the social services in the respective municipalities. Often, they will go on holiday with others from the local area. The offers vary according to the part of the country you live in. You can get more information about the holiday offers here

Read more about the holiday aid here


Foreningen Glæd Børnene

The organisation offers a variety of possible ways of helping low-income families with children or with children on the way. Families who receive help are chosen among the applicants. It may be necessary to send documentation for your economic situation. You can find more information about the application process here

Gift support

The organisation sends out gifts at Christmas and at birthdays. The gifts can be concrete things or be something thought up out of a description of hobbies that you can send along with your application. Read more here

Baby starter kit

The content of the baby starter kit depends on your needs. It can be clothes, a baby bouncer, a duvet, cloth diapers, bed linen, a bed, a changing mat, toys, a baby mobile, etc. Read more here

Clothing package

The organisation makes clothing packages for children of the ages between 0-17 years. The clothing packages vary according to the season and your specific needs. Read more here

School starter kit

The school starter kit is for families with children starting school. The starter kit consists of a schoolbag, a full pencil case, a lunchbox and a drinking bottle. Read more here


The Salvation Army

Christmas aid
Primarily, the Christmas aid is for single parents and couples with children living at home, joint-custody children or with children placed in care. Besides the Christmas aid, they offer events on the 24th of December. They usually close for applications in November. Read more here


Børnenes kontor

Børnenes Kontor has departments in Copenhagen, Esbjerg, Horsens, Odense, Randers, Roskilde, Aarhus and Aalborg. The offers can vary in the different departments. You can find more information on the departments near you here

Børnenes Kontor in Copenhagen offer Christmas aid and clothes aid. In order to apply for help from Børnenes Kontor in Copenhagen, you must live in one of the following municipalities: Albertslund, Ballerup, Brøndby, Dragør, Frederiksberg, Gentofte, Gladsaxe, Glostrup, Herlev, Hvidovre, Høje-Tåstrup, Ishøj, Copenhagen, Lyngby-Taarbæk, Rødovre, Tårnby or Vallensbæk. Additionally, you need to have at least one child of compulsory school age, i.e. preschool – 10th grade.

Clothes aid

Clothes aid is a gift certificate to selected clothing departments in Magasin (a department store, Ed.) and is distributed just before the big summer sale.

You can get application forms from the schoolteacher or from the school office from week 15 (mid-April). Fill out the form and hand it in at the school office. Børnenes Kontor must receive it Monday 11 May 2015 at the latest. Børnenes Kontor sends out responses and gift certificates in week 25 (mid-June).

Christmas aid

Børnenes Kontor in Copenhagen distribute Christmas aid 22 December in the form of a big Christmas basket with a 20 kg good quality Christmas meal. You can get application forms from the schoolteacher or from the school office from week 43 (right after the autumn holiday). Fill out the form and hand it in at the school office. Børnenes Kontor must receive it Monday 9 November 2015 at the latest. Børnenes Kontor sends out responses and gift certificates in week 50 (mid-December).

You can find more information on the Copenhagen department here


Financial support from the municipality

If you are in a difficult economic situation, you can apply for financial support from the municipality. The support is for certain expenses.

Among other things, you can apply for financial support for the following:

  • Unpredictable and well-founded single-item expenses if you have experienced circumstantial changes.
  • Temporary support for rent or mortgage payment if you are at risk of being evicted because of rental arrears.
  • Medical treatment, medicine, dental treatment and the like, which cannot be supported by any other legislation. The treatment must be necessary and well founded healthwise.
  • All types of dental treatment if you receive benefits similar to student grants or social assistance benefits according to law on an active social policy.
  • Moving expenses.
  • Expenses in connection with parenting time with children who do not live with you.

This applies for all people with a low income, though not for old-age pensioners or people on early retirement under the old scheme. Then you have the possibility of applying for a personal pay supplement or supplemental pay for health benefits.

Find more information on what kind of help you can apply for from the municipality, and apply here


Hjælp Voldsofre

The organisation Hjælp Voldsofre is a voluntary, humanitarian organisation that helps people who have been victimised by violence, robbery or sexual assaults. In some cases, the organisation provide financial support to, for example, a refugee if you have experienced violence or threats. For more information, please contact Hjælp Voldsofre at